We use Pinterest to grow your
traffic & sales

Helping you make a bigger impact in the lives of your audience.

Tired of hustling for for nothing?


You're tired of hustling on social media


Keeping up with "whats" working feels like a full time job


No one is joining your email list


Online store sales aren't where you need them

Stop wasting time & money on marketing hacks that don’t bring you the traffic you need.

Define & target your audience

We define who your audience is on Pinterest & go after them.

Build a solid foundation

Prepare your Pinterest & website to convert cold traffic into hot leads.

Dial up what's working

Watch sales & traffic improve as we hone in on what really works.

We know what it feels like

to create content & get exactly zero eyeballs on it. Thats why we have spent years learning, testing & implementing with Pinterest. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours go from hiding in the back to standing loud & proud in the front row. We will guide you to better understanding what your audience & create a remarkable stream of traffic & sales. Book a call today if you have any questions.

How does it work?

Heather Farris & Co. helps businesses grow their traffic, sales & email lists using Pinterest.

step 1: book a call with us

Step 1: On your call with us we get a better understanding of your audience so we can craft your strategy.

step 2: we craft your strategy

Step 2: We take the audience information we learned to Pinterest & craft the strategy.

step 3: start getting results

Step 3: We put our strategy into action & start to see what works.

At Heather Farris & Co. we know you are the kind of business owner that wants to impact the lives of your customers. In order to make a bigger impact in the world you need more eyeballs on your content. The problem is lack of strategy for how to get your audience to see your content. Which leaves you feeling frustrated. We believe your amazing content doesn’t deserve to sit & collect digital dust. We understand just how much energy & time it takes to create those blogs, videos & products. Thats why we have spent years testing strategies on hundreds of accounts. Here’s how it works… Step one, book a call with our team. Step two, we craft your plan. Step three, we dial those efforts in on what is working. So book a call so you can stop hustling & start thriving in business.

Meet Team HFC.

We are a dedicated digital team serving clients from all over the world. Learn more about our team & how we can help to serve your business & audience.