December Pinterest Trends: What to Pin in December

December is upon us and if you haven’t started pinning for December yet you should start now. You may be wondering what you should be pinning though and that my friend is why I’m here.

Pinners come to Pinterest to find things that inspire their daily lives. They are looking for things to do, recipes to cook, projects to create… Pinners are planners so make sure you are pinning with the end user in mind.

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Let’s dive into December and what you should be pinning during the upcoming holiday season.

Pinterest Trends for December

As pinners are recuperating from turkey overload they may be browsing Pinterest for new decor ideas, gifts for their loved ones or new recipes to cook for Christmas dinner.

December is a big month for big things including Christmas. So let’s kick this off with the biggest holiday of the year.


Christmas is on everyone’s radar and people shop for gifts right up until the holiday. They are looking for decor ideas, traditions, crafts to make, kids activities, food to cook, gifts for loved ones and more. Make sure you are creating pins with a seasonal appeal to add to your queue. Add holiday themed keywords so those pins show up in the search feed when people are searching for them.


Holidays Around the World

December isn’t just for Christmas. You also have Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Chanukah and New Year’s Eve just to name a few. 

You should make sure you are doing the same thing with these holidays by creating seasonally themed pins and using those keywords.


A lot of engagements happen during the Christmas season. If you are in the niche where you create content about weddings and engagements or photography especially be sure you are pinning Christmas engagement inspiration.

Holiday Travel

Millions of people travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will be looking for places to stay, travel tips as well as car games for kids. These families will need tips on how to pack their bags, staying at other peoples homes and more.

There are a lot of families that travel for the holidays instead of giving gifts. If you are a travel blogger you can create content about where to go and what to do for those people who want to travel during the holiday season.

Make Pinterest Easy

Grab our Pinterest Strategy Checklist & Pinterest Trends Calendar so you know when to pin, what to pin and why you should pin it. If your goal is to get more traffic, grow your email list & sell more then you’re in good hands.


Guest Planning

Since a lot of people will be traveling and staying with family they will be looking for ways to host their guests. Everything from meal planning, decor and preparing extra rooms for guests. 

Holiday Fashion & Beauty

There will be a lot of Christmas parties happening as well as family photos and just more glittery fashion happening during the holidays. If you are a fashion or beauty blogger now is the time to start sharing content about that seasonal fashion style. Cute cocktail dresses for Christmas & New Year’s, chunky sweaters and boots for the cold are all going to be in style. 

Not to mention the holiday makeup looks and hairstyles you can start promoting. 

Ugly sweaters are incredibly popular right now so if you sell those this is your time to shine! 

Dieting, Fitness & Healthy Living 

It’s no surprise that a lot of people start diets after the New Year. Get ahead of the trends and offer your audience a way to enjoy their holiday season without the guilt. You can offer up ways for them to stay fit and healthy despite the popular unhealthy eating habits. 

Promoting Pins in December

Pinterest trends for December even filter into promoting pins. If you are going to promote pins in November you likely should have started those campaigns earlier in November, but now is good too. As long as your campaign isn’t super evergreen you should be able to get it started and start driving traffic to your promotion.

My advice is if you are running a sale or hoping to generate leads and build pageviews during this season, get going on it in advance. Pinterest Ads need more than 7 days so if you are running a quick 48 hour sale this isn’t the time to start an ad.

You can even start promoting pins now for the New Year.

Planning Content for January

Now is the time if you haven’t already started planning and creating your content for January. You should be publishing this content right now!

Holidays coming up are Productivity, Budgeting, Goal Planning, Time Management, Valentine’s Day and more. Get started on creating content specific to those trends around them now.

Start writing content around: 

  • Organizing tips
  • Budgeting tips
  • Meal planning around winter themed dishes
  • Family routine ideas
  • Kids chores
  • Healthy lifestyle tips
  • Dieting & fitness 
  • Business planning tips

These are just a few ideas but hopefully they will get your wheels turning around content you can create for your audience.

If it were me I’d even be planning for January and getting that content created now. Grab the Pinterest Strategy Checklist & Trends Calendar so you know what to create! 

Action Items

A lot of bloggers are sending traffic to posts with affiliate links during this season. That year-end income really helps year-end revenue.

This months action items are checking your affiliate links in your older posts that you plan to start promoting. 

You are also going to want to start creating new images for those older posts and getting new descriptions written. While you’re at it go ahead and add these updated posts to your scheduling platforms.


Creating a Pinterest Strategy

Each and every strategy I create for clients is custom but there are certain aspects of each strategy that are the same.

Those aspects have been included in my Pinterest Strategy Guide & Trends Trello Board. Grab your copy right now so you can get into a rhythm and are never guessing when it comes to what to do when you publish new content.


Pin It!