Are you looking for ways to drive traffic from Pinterest during the holiday season and increase your sales? If you are looking to do that then you are in the right place.

Today, I’m detailing the 10 ways to increase traffic from Pinterest during the holiday season.

Drive Traffic from Pinterest During the Holiday Season

Start Pinning 30-90 Days in Advance

Start pinning 30-90 days in advance. Pinterest will tell you to start 30-45 days in advance but I really prefer to start 90 days out. This gives the algorithm enough time to get those pins going not only in the smart feed but in search results and related pins.

Pinners are planners! You need to be as well.

Create Gift Guides

Pinners are shopping for gifts during the holiday season so why not make gift guides and make their shopping experience easier? Create gift guides then create Pinterest images that encompass the gifts in your post or video.

Email List Seasonal Boards

Email your list any of your seasonal boards. Maybe even consider making this part of your email template depending on the season or trend. This will get pinners to your boards, increase your impressions, clicks and saves which all helps your pins in the algorithm.

Update Holiday Posts

Go in and update any holiday posts you have already on your blog. Create new graphics and make sure all of your links are working. You can even swap out your opt-in to a holiday themed option if you have one.

Create New Images

Create new Pinterest images that are seasonally themed and use seasonal keywords. Make sure your overall pin appearance as well as text overlay includes that seasonally themed content.

Pin to Tribes

Tribes members are more dedicated to pinning than those people using group boards. Make sure when you are scheduling your pins you are putting them in Tribes as well.

Promote Your Pins

Promoting your pins is a great way to skip the organic time it takes to get your pin seen by the audience you want. You can target specific keywords and optimize based on whatever your goal is.

Pin Affiliate Links

Pin affiliate products to your boards so you can generate income that way. Create cohesive boards by adding affiliate products as well as your everyday pins to those boards. Then email them to your list!

Create Holiday Roundups

Create holiday roundups of your gift guides, tip posts and more. If you don’t have enough content of your own to create a roundup then reach out to other creators and ask to feature their items. They may be inclined to share your post that way as well.

Create a Holiday Funnel

If you have a holiday opt-in and holiday related products then set up a holiday funnel where you have the opt-in then an upsell. Turn your readers into buyers. You will be able to create trust and eventually sell more to them later.

Those are the 10 ways to drive traffic from Pinterest during the holiday season.

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