Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

My team and I work Monday-Friday 9-3 pm CST.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed on a recurring monthly invoice sent through Dubsado. You have the choice to sign up for autopay if you wish.

Do you have a team?

I do have a team! Emily and I live close to each other and Alicia lives on the East Coast. Emily primarily focuses on filling your Tailwind queue and optimizing your accounts. Alicia handles analytics.

How will we communicate?

We will communicate through email primarily however if you have a preferred method we can discuss those options.

What should I expect for weekly/monthly updates?

Weekly updates will be sent as needed, especially in the first month. I will be emailing you regularly to stay on top of content and launches. Monthly analytics will go out at the beginning of the following month.

How long after I start working with you do I expect pins to start going out?

We do our best to get your Tailwind queue filled in the first week you onboard with us. It takes quite a lot of work depending on the status of your account when you first sign on. We will let you know once we’ve had a chance to give your account a proper audit if it will take longer.

What if I want to stop working with Heather Farris & Co.

Hey, I get it! We all have business priorities and we won’t work together forever. We have a contract in place that allows for a 14-day notice to be given if you wish to stop services. That means within 14 days of your next payment coming out.

What is your onboarding process?

Great question! We will do an audit on your account first thing and once we have that done we can prioritize from there. It generally looks like this:

Audit > Set up Tailwind > Fill Queue > Perform Audit Cleanup Tasks > Review Analytics > Set up New Content Schedule

We work as a team so we break these tasks out to make the process run more smoothly.