Are you wondering how to get traffic to your YouTube Channel? You’ve probably been following all of the experts on marketing your YouTube channel. You’ve got great SEO (hopefully), you’re publishing regularly, you share it on Facebook… but what else?

A lot of YouTuber’s I have come across don’t utilize a Pinterest Marketing strategy to get more views on their videos.

Today I’m going to break down a strategy to use Pinterest to get traffic to your YouTube channel.

Are you excited?

Let’s dive in!

Just like YouTube, the key to successful marketing on Pinterest is to give them new content consistently. I don’t want to set undue expectations but spending about an hour per week on your Pinterest queue will be vital to your success.

So now that you’re expectations are clear let’s dive in.

First, you need to have a business account.

Not sure how to get started using Pinterest? Read to get off on the right foot.

Once you’ve got that set up and optimized then you can begin cultivating this strategy.


Optimizing Your YouTube Channel


You will want to completely fill out your profile so users know who you are, what you offer and why they should subscribe.

You don’t want to start sending traffic to a YouTube channel that isn’t fully optimized. People will land and not know what they are there for and go somewhere else really quickly.

So make sure you have your channel art uploaded and your about section filled out!

There is even a section for a welcome video for any new visitors to your channel.

Get all of the little details in place! If you’ve done this already then skip on to the next section.


Optimizing Your YouTube Videos


There are a few things you are going to want to do to your videos to make them ready for cold traffic from Pinterest.

First, make sure you have a click-worthy video thumbnail. This is important for sharing videos from YouTube to Pinterest. This is what they will see if you share your rectangle video over.

Next, make sure the description of each video is filled out.

This is a great opportunity for you if you have a blog to insert links to your opt-ins, blog posts, resource pages and more.

You can even add your Pinterest button to your sharing buttons on your channel art. If you haven’t added this you can do so in your settings.

Sharing YouTube Videos to Pinterest


When you start sharing your videos over to Pinterest you can do so in 2 different ways.

First, you can use the share button on the video to share it straight over to Pinterest. This will share the video is horizontal format though.

This next way is my favorite way because you get control over the image that you share.

You go into Canva and create a Pinterest image designed for your YouTube video and then pin it using your video link.
This is by far the best way to create pins that will catch people’s eye and they will click on.

Here are 3 great examples of pin images these creators made and put on Pinterest.



You don’t need to be a professional designer to create beautiful pins. In fact, in this video, I show you how to create pins using Canva.

If you’re not interested in creating your own Pinterest images I have templates in the shop you can purchase and they are simply plug and play.

Cutting a Trailer with Your YouTube Video


Another popular way I’m seeing videos shared on Pinterest from YouTube are trailers of the video. It’s just enough to pique the interest of your viewer so they will click through on your pin and ultimately land on your video.

In the pin builder on Pinterest when you upload a video to Pinterest you can paste in the YouTube URL into the builder.

This will give the ability to watch the pinned video on Pinterest and land on your YouTube video when they click through.


Build Your Pin: 

  1. Upload your video
  2. Insert your title
  3. Write your description
  4. Paste your YouTube URL
  5. Choose your most appropriate board

Getting Your Videos Found on Pinterest 

If you’re wondering how all of this is going to help get traffic to your YouTube channel we’re only halfway there.

Just like on YouTube & Google you need to do keyword research for Pinterest. The best part about Pinterest is you don’t need an external keyword tool.

It’s all built in and you just use Pinterest to find your keywords.

Simply head over to Pinterest and use the search bar to find your keywords.

Need an example? Let’s dive in and find keywords for this exact post on Pinterest. 

In this specific example, I’m going to use similar keywords for Pinterest as I am on Google because the search results match.

So my text overlay on my Pinterest image is going to read as follows:

how to get traffic to your youtube channel using Pinterest

I’m going to use similar keywords in my description and the title of my pin if I were to build the pin in the pin builder on Pinterest.


Where You Need Keywords on Pinterest

  • Text overlay
  • Pin description
  • Pin title

Where & How to Pin Your New Pin


Once you have your pin built and keyworded properly then you will pin it to the most appropriate board first.

If I had a board on my profile for YouTube Marketing that is where I would put this pin first. That board ideally would have a title and description with keywords.

Once I have pinned it to the most appropriate board I will then rotate it through all of the other boards that it will fit on and ultimately it will end up on my blog board with all of my blog pins.

The only thing about pinning videos right now on Pinterest is you cannot use an automation tool to publish your pins.

You have to do it manually, but if you pin it on your computer first then you can pick up your phone and pin it with your phone to the other boards.

I will also add it to my tribes and send this pin to my email list.

This is only one way to get traffic to your YouTube channel but this is a way that a lot of people aren’t aware of just yet.

The more Pinterest gets popular with sharing content the more people will be taking advantage of this platform.

So would you like to get more traffic to your YouTube channel using Pinterest?

Pin It!


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