Small products are taking the world by storm and if you’re wondering just how you can use Pinterest to promote small products then today we are doing just that. Creating a funnel for your small products is a great way to grow your email list and sell more without having to constantly post on social media. Learn how to get started selling digital products as well as how to create digital products, digital products to create & more! Use Pinterest to help you grow your traffic to sell your digital products.

How to sell digital products in your business

June 10, 2020

Are you wondering if you should start selling digital products in your business? Small products are taking the world by storm and if you’re wondering just how you can use them to make more money in your business then you’re in the right place.

Small products are a great way to build your traffic and grow your sales. Between promoting organically and through paid ads you can find targeted audiences to get in front of that are looking for your products.

I don’t know about you but I certainly prefer to rely on keywords to put my content in front of people rather than posting on social media and hoping people see it. That’s why I primarily use Pinterest and Google SEO to get my products found online.

This post contains affiliate links. I will make a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase. Read more here.

Why you should sell on Pinterest

Pinterest users are coming to the platform to find a solution to a problem. They are using this platform to help them guide buying decisions and to do so they search for broad keywords to find what they are looking for.

To do this the right way from the beginning will set you apart from your competitors. Most marketers don’t get this part right because they don’t have the patience to learn.

Read Your Pinterest Marketing Guide for 2020 if you already have your account in place. If you need a Pinterest account read How To Start A Pinterest Account (the right way).

Action Items:

  • Start a business account
  • Setup & optimize your profile
  • Claim your website
  • Setup rich pins
  • Perform keyword research
  • Create pins consistently

But before we get too far off into the weeds about Pinterest for traffic we have to cover the products you can create, tools you can use and more.

Make Pinterest Easy

Grab our Pinterest Strategy Checklist & Pinterest Trends Calendar so you know when to pin, what to pin and why you should pin it. If your goal is to get more traffic, grow your email list & sell more then you’re in good hands.


Watch the video on how to sell digital products in your business. The longer video was a Q&A type video on Facebook Live with my friend Rose. Both are very informational.

How to Sell Digital Products on Pinterest

I’ve been selling digital products on Pinterest since my first year in blogging. I saw early on the benefits of digital products and how the impacted my profit margins in my business.

Yet digital products can range from music, ebooks, guides, videos, courses, software and more are driving a large part of our economy.

Online learning is expected to grow to 325 million by 2025. And to put the cherry on top, online courses made 46 billion in 2017 and that has continued to grow.1

The benefits of selling digital products

Digital products hold no inventory, they don’t need to be made over and over again and oftentimes they cost less to make.

High profit margins are a great way to grow your revenue year over year and take more money home. 

Automations make selling digital products easier for the creator.

Flexibility in marketing and selling making it easy for someone to customize their product to their audience. Every audience is different and being flexible makes it easy to serve a different type of audience.

What are the disadvantages of selling digital products?

Digital products come with their own little suitcase of problems but what doesn’t? With selling digital products you face the risk of people stealing your products.

People are ruthless and if they see someone being extremely successful they will copy the idea or if they have no ethics they may even steal the product itself.

You’re competing with free products. So many people are used to getting information for free that they don’t understand why they should buy something “digital” to solve their problems.

But don’t let these things distract you from your goal. If you have the right methods, you train your audience and you’re determined you can succeed with digital products.

What are the Best Tools for Selling Digital Products

Tools in this area of selling digital products is key. You are going to need to protect your product so people can’t come in and get it for free and you’re going to need a shopping cart.

LeadPages – I use and love LeadPages for creating my sales pages for my small digital products. This is how I sell digital products easier and it’s the beginning of my automation.

AccessAlly – If you want a course delivery system that is more robust that you can design and control every part of then AccessAlly is a great option. I wanted a way to control pixel tracking throughout the process and deliver custom products depending on how the buyer went through the funnel.

ConvertKit – I have used ConvertKit to deliver my digital products and it syncs right up with AccessAlly. I have used this service since before I was making money on my website.

Elementor – This tool can be used for free or you can use their paid version. This is like LeadPages but it’s a plugin on your wordpress site to build pages.

ThinkificThinkific is a course delivery platform I have used in the past to sell my products. I stopped using it because it was costing me more than what I was making in the beginning so I switched. If you aren’t interested building your own course platform then this is my #1 suggestion for hosting products. You don’t need to create a traditional course to use this platform either.

SendOwl – SendOwl is an inexpensive platform for selling and delivering your digital products. It has an embedded protected delivery system, affiliate program and you can track pixels within it.

WooCommerce – This is a digital shop platform you can build into your WordPress site. This is your storefront and with WooCommerce comes apps to integrate and sell your products. I find WooCommerce to be plugin heavy which is why I don’t use it anymore.

Shopify – This is an inexpensive storefront tool that you can use to sell your products. It comes with a shopping cart and integrates with your email service provider.

What kinds of digital products can I sell?

When it comes to selling digital products it’s interesting to see what people come up with. There are so many different ways to approach this depending on what industry you are in.

Sell educational products in the form of ebooks or courses

No matter the industry there are people out there looking to learn from you. Ebooks and courses are a great way to teach what you know and get paid for it. An online course is great for learning where you can take someone really deep on a specific subject.

You can create text based or video based online courses and depending on your course software you can even create tests for your students to take.

I sell digital courses in my business where I teach other online business owners how to use Pinterest in their business inside Pin Profit Plan.

When I’m helping clients or creating a digital course of my own I always do the research to find out just how much free content I’m facing off with. Oftentimes you can take that free content and completely blow it out of the water if you’re really versed on a topic.

Selling digital products like online courses and ebooks can provide you with a way to really transform your student and help them with the issue at hand.

Sell digital templates 

Digital templates have taken the world by storm. One of my own digital products are my Pinterest Templates for Canva.

These are a great way to sell a digital product that you design once and make a profit from. You can sell any sort of template like social media templates, ebook templates, media kits, resumes, workbooks and more.

Sell digital assets licences like software, music, photos or videos

There is a plethora of platforms and individuals selling assets like software, music, photos and videos online. If you are a creative and want to get your product out into the world a license based digital product could be the ticket.

There are a ton of other things you can sell like this as well but these are just the beginning of that rabbit hole.

Sell a membership 

Memberships are different way to monetize your digital products and earn a recurring income from. If you have digital courses or products this could be one way you go deeper on various subjects and provide even more value to your audience.

Sell your services

This is the #1 way here at Heather Farris & Co. we make money online. We provide a digital service in exchange for money and our clients love us for helping them make more money and grow their businesses using Pinterest.

Sell your art

A lot of artists and crafters are selling their art online now and doing really well at it. It’s no longer necessary to have your art in a gallery to get it in front of your ideal audience.

How to find digital products to sell

This is the first place I help my clients when it comes to selling small digital products on Pinterest. We always start with their data first and for good reason.

If your audience is coming to you for something already and they know you for that thing then create a small product around it.

Afterall, blogging and business isn’t about you… it’s about your audience.

If you’re looking for a way to spark those ideas though then you can use these methods…

Remember this as you go through the process… Brainstorm, Research, Validation. You don’t want to go about creating a product or service people don’t actually want.

  • Go to Google Analytics and look for your top trafficked posts and pages
  • Research in forums for pain points of your audience
  • Ask your audience what they want but don’t just ask them you will need to brainstorm a few ideas first then ask them if that product would help them. This is what I learned in Ask Method.
  • Do you offer a service that people readily buy but often ask if you teach? This is relevant for me with Pinterest marketing because not everyone in my audience can afford 1:1 services.
  • What are you customers or clients asking you on a regular basis?
  • What do you already teach on but your competitors are doing a better job at? How can you go deeper on it or do it better?
  • What are you already making and giving to your clients as part of your 1:1 work that you could sell? Search your Google Drive here!

I always start with my current traffic and audience pain first then build out from there but if you don’t have a lot of traffic yet then utilize that audience.

How do you make money selling digital products?

Now we get to the fun part… making money. Raise your hand if you want to make money selling digital products? 🙋‍♀️

Making money from your digital products can come in many forms but my favorite way always starts with content.

Yes, more content… but the top of the funnel is always free and it has to start somewhere.

In my business I have created funnels to give people a taste then sell the products on the backend.

I also do a straight to sales page as well. It’s not always through free content.

Free to tripwire method

This method is where I create a paid product and take part of it and give it away for free then offer a tripwire for a small price on the thank you page.

I do this with nearly all my small products actually. If you’d like to see this in action you can visit any one of these free pages.

On the backend of these tripwire sales I offer an upsell on the final page. This is where the money is made. Usually tripwires don’t make a ton of profit especially if you’re running ads. They are designed to cover the ad spend then your upsells and order bumps make you the profit.

Straight to sales page

All of my tripwires are sold separately at full price where I promote straight to sales page. I write content outlining the benefits of that product and my call to action is to buy the product.

You can find my entire suite of products in my shop.

Once I get someone into my world whether they are coming in free or paid I upsell them in my emails to 1:1 work or high priced products like my courses.

Funnels are effective and if you are in need of getting your own funnels in place and want someone to help you in a hands on way then check out our VIP Day and book your spot.

How do you promote digital products?

My favorite way whether it’s a free entry point or a straight to sales page is through Pinterest. This is the first place I promote everything.

I start with creating the pages they will land on or the blog posts that will sell them on the products then I find my keywords, create pins and automate with Tailwind.

If you need a Pinterest marketing strategy head over to read How to Create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

I always start with Pinterest because I know people are looking for a product or solution. I position my creatives, landing pages and blog content to touch on the pain then offer them the product as the solution.

Facebook groups – This is the first place I see people selling their products and while I do occasionally post in groups this isn’t my favorite method. I do however use my own Facebook Group to sell.

Instagram stories – I love this method because I can talk directly with my audience and to their pain then use my product to show them how to solve the problem. I can share in real time the wins my other students or clients are having with my methods. Nothing speaks more than a testimonial.

Email newsletter – I sell in my newsletters every week and if you are on my newsletter and you haven’t noticed it’s probably the way I go about it. I make talking about my products a very natural conversation. As a result people are intrigued then click and buy.

Blog posts – Of course I sell in my blog content! This is my newspaper, my magazine… the way I show my readers incredible value then ask them to buy.

YouTube videos – I have created content for YouTube and when I do this consistently I notice an uptick in sales and email subscribers.

Creating Your Own Digital Products

There are so many other ways to promote your products but honestly Pinterest is my first way then email, Instagram and my own Facebook group.

Holy cow this was a lot, right? I know this process can seem overwhelming but honestly it’s so powerful when done right and there’s not right way to approach this.

If you’re reading this and completely overwhelmed, I encourage you to book a call with our team to find out if you are right for our VIP day which will take you from nothing to a digital product funnel in a day.


Small products are taking the world by storm and if you’re wondering just how you can use Pinterest to promote small products then today we are doing just that. Creating a funnel for your small products is a great way to grow your email list and sell more without having to constantly post on social media. Learn how to get started selling digital products as well as how to create digital products, digital products to create & more! Use Pinterest to help you grow your traffic to sell your digital products.
Small products are taking the world by storm and if you’re wondering just how you can use Pinterest to promote small products then today we are doing just that. Creating a funnel for your small products is a great way to grow your email list and sell more without having to constantly post on social media. Learn how to get started selling digital products as well as how to create digital products, digital products to create & more! Use Pinterest to help you grow your traffic to sell your digital products.

Creating a Pinterest Strategy

Each and every strategy I create for clients is custom but there are certain aspects of each strategy that are the same.

Those aspects have been included in my Pinterest Strategy Guide & Trends Calendar. Grab your copy right now so you can get into a rhythm and are never guessing when it comes to what to do when you publish new content.


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