Is LeadPages really worth the money? In 2019, there is a wealth of options for building landing pages, sales pages, lead boxes and more. There are options that allow you to create multi-step funnels and integrate with your payment processors.

So why should I go with LeadPages?

In this mini-review I’m going to detail the pros and cons of using LeadPages for your website funnels.

As a Pinterest Strategist I am always looking for more ways to send people into your funnels. I want them to get on your list and buy your stuff that way you can continue to pay me to manage your Pinterest.

So let’s dive in!

LeadPages offers 3 pricing tiers billed annually, monthly or in 2 year increments. If you were to buy the standard plan (which is what I use) at $25/mo billed annually you would spend $300 per year.

Is it really worth $300 per year for the standard plan?

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  • Site Builder
  • Connect Your Domain
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Pop-ups
  • Unlimited Alert Bars
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • Free Hosting
  • 200+ Free Templates (Mobile-Responsive)
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Builder
  • Tech Support (via Email)
  • Weekly Group Coaching

Here are some examples of my pages built on LeadPages: 


  • Easy to use templates
  • Landing page creation time cut by ⅔ (for me)
  • Lightening fast load times (no they aren’t just using that in their marketing)
  • Leadboxes convert email subscribers better than static boxes on pageNew alert bar allowed for me to stop using HelloBar which was an extra site plugin I didn’t need
  • Evergreen timer built in to create a sense of urgency
  • Direct integration into ConvertKit (among many other email service providers)
  • Drag and drop if you want to build custom templates
  • Wealth of information in their knowledge base


  • Page builder can be sluggish at times
  • Split testing starts with Pro account and above
  • No built in payment processor

For me and the types of pages I’m creating LeadPages has been a no brainer. The popup leadboxes work for our site and allow us to convert more leads on page. I have yet to run across the ability to edit a styled template to my liking. I have read a lot of reviews where they say that the styling options are limited. Really it’s up to your own imagination as long as you understand how to use the drag and drop features.

LeadPages is one of those expenses I started paying for before I ever had a solid income stream in my business. I wouldn’t recommend that for everyone but if you know you will make the money back and you’re ready to dive in then why not get started?

You can sign up for a free trial of LeadPages just to give it a go and if you don’t like it you’re not married to it.

I for one love LeadPages and will continue to build my pages there so they don’t bog my site speed down! 

This landing page builder doesn’t require extensive knowledge on coding. It’s usable for an absolute beginner or advanced user.

Are you ready to try LeadPages?


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