How to Use Later to Schedule Your Pinterest Pins

Have you ever considered using Later for Pinterest scheduling? Well, today may change your mind on which Pinterest scheduler you want to use because I am giving you a full tutorial on how to use Later for your Pinterest scheduling needs.

I am venturing away from Tailwind and native platform scheduling and going into tutorials for other options like Later.  I will show you how to

  • sign up for your account,
  • get your content in your schedule, and
  • put it out on Pinterest. 

I want you to see the full spectrum of what it looks like. The things that I’m going to show you in this tutorial include:

I’m going through six different things, pricing being the very first place that we start, into signing up, all the way through to looking at what analytics Later offers for Pinterest inside of their tool.  

So, let’s hop right on in.

Pricing - $25 a month after a 14-day free trial

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps of setting up a free trial to scheduling up your pins. So we are going ahead and click on Start 14-day free trial. 

Go ahead and go with a monthly plan. Keep in mind that I am not going to keep this scheduling tool afterward, so the 14-day free trial of $25 a month works for me right now.

Once you are done, it is going to say 14-day Free Trial Started.  You will get a little green popup box, and it should automatically redirect you to the next part of the process.

How to connect your Pinterest account?

You can connect your Instagram account first. Then we can connect to other platforms later. Now we need to go to Settings on the bottom left-hand corner and connect your Pinterest Profile. 

You go in and remove Instagram and add Pinterest. Then you don’t need to set up anything extra. 

This process will automatically take you to a login screen. You need to be logged into your Pinterest account and then you can go ahead and give Later access to it. 

Since Pinterest and Later are API approved and are official partners, there is no issue or harm in connecting them. Now we have our social set here.  If you still see Instagram there, go ahead and remove it and then choose your social set as Pinterest.

How to upload your content?

Now that you are inside your Later scheduling calendar, you will need to upload some media tests to schedule to test your queue.

One thing to know is that Later does not have a smart scheduling feature, meaning automatically posting to an analyzed program on your profile. But that’s ok. You can choose your own dates and time. This is one feature that I would like to see added in the future. 

To actually add content to our queue, you will either upload them here in the upload window or use your Later extension.

I already have a blog post opened up and an image ready to go in the video. With the extension you are going to right-click in your content and add to the media library.

It is going to open up another screen and prompt you to add to your library. And once it is in your library, then you can go on to actually scheduling that pin.

Using Later Extension to Upload Media

When you go back over to Later and refresh your screen your image will be there. 

Now the other way that we can do this is by doing a direct upload. Click upload media. You do have two other options:  Google Drive or Dropbox.

If you are working with a team, perhaps a Pinterest VA, it might be a good option to connect your digital files together. Then you can add media straight from a saved file.

Using Later to Upload Media

How to schedule your content?

Once you have your media inside your library, you can click and drag it onto your schedule. Then it’s going to pop up a new screen where you will choose a date and time. Then it’s going to have you choose your board. 

Choose the most appropriate board for your pin, and then give it a title. Always put the URL in with it as well.

I usually have a pre-written pin title and description before I schedule anything. This step is something that I teach my academy members and do for all of our clients. I pre-write all of my Pinterest titles and descriptions in advance. That way, the scheduling part of your workflow goes very fast.

Uploading Pin Details in Later

Once you have uploaded all of the information that you want to go with this image from Later, you will be left with your More Options section at the bottom. Something that you can do right inside of Later is track your website clicks as a result of that Pin from Later. 

Now I will say, Pinterest shorteners or link shorteners are not allowed unless it is from an API-approved partner. So this button at the bottom of the page is ok to turn on just in case you ever heard that you could not use link shorteners on Pinterest.

Go ahead and click Save, and it’s going to save that image right into the schedule where you put it. Now you are going to go ahead and do this for each variation. If you want to add this to another day, you will drag it to your schedule again, and you will need to optimize it again.

Scheduling with Later Calendar

How to edit your content once it is in the queue?

If we put something wrong in a pin and want to edit it, you just open up that image on your schedule, and you can edit it and click save. And you are good to go. 

So those are the basics of scheduling with Later.

What analytics are available to you inside this tool?

Once you have scheduled your content and have been using this tool for a while, you may want to look at your analytics. I want to show you the analytics tab quickly, and you get two tabs:

  • Overview
  • Pin Performance

You can drop down and see which pins are in here.

Later Analytics for Pinterest Pins

Later is new to me. I have never used any other scheduling tool other than Pinterest and Tailwind. So, I‘m learning right along with you here. 

You will see pin performance from any pins scheduled from Later once they start publishing here. You can also track your followers and your growth over time.

Final Notes

If you liked this tutorial, do let me know in the comments below.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, you would enjoy my next tutorial as well. In that tutorial, I will walk you through four different Pinterest schedulers and rate them on a schedule of one to five. Later is the first tool that I review in that video.

If you want to see my full review of four Pinterest-approved schedulers that are not Tailwind, do head on over and watch that video right here.

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How to Use Later to Schedule Your Pinterest Pins | Have you ever considered using Later for Pinterest scheduling? Well, today may change your mind on which Pinterest scheduler you want to use.
How to Use Later to Schedule Your Pinterest Pins | Have you ever considered using Later for Pinterest scheduling? Well, today may change your mind on which Pinterest scheduler you want to use.