We are a slightly obsessed with Pinterest & building businesses
using this amazing platform.

I’m Heather Farris

I’m slightly addicted to Pinterest. For nearly 10 years I have used this platform EVERYDAY. Pinterest taught me how to be a wife & a mom. I couldn’t cook my way out of a Hamburger Helper box when I learned about Pinterest for the first time.

From there I started using it for everything. I taught myself how to be a modern day housewife using Pinterest. Over the last decade I have amassed a skill that I was able to turn into a company.

Just a 3 short years later and we are a thriving Pinterest agency helping business owners like you to get more traffic & sell more using Pinterest.

Satisfied Clients

Pins Created

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Cups of Coffee

We help our clients to get more traffic, sell more products & grow their email lists using Pinterest.

Our Values

We believe our customers come first before anything else. We also believe in being bold, leading by example, integrity, teamwork, continually learning. We support our clients and customers by being the best we can be and giving our projects everything we’ve got.

Meet Heather

From a really young age I never felt like a 9-5 job was going to be for me. When I finished college with my business degree I was determined to find a job in accounting. Yawn.

I tried banking, lending & accounting… I worked in retail, in an online chat support job… none of it fit.

Until I started my first blog and found that you could actually use Pinterest as a business. It’s all downhill from there, friend.

A few of fun facts about me…

I love 90’s sitcoms, iced tea, chocolate anything, Netflix marathons and a good hike in the mountains. I prefer to wear t-shirts and jeans whenever possible and my favorite shoes are Keds.

My family & I travel full-time in our RV. We sold nearly everything we own to travel together with a dream of finding our forever home.

I’m a sucker for Pinterest strategy. Let’s talk about yours.