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Organic Pinterest Management

Most businesses lack the knowledge to build a marketing plan that converts their traffic to customers. At Heather Farris & Co. we’ll build your funnels and send targeted Pinterest traffic so you can stand out from your competitors and get more sales while making your competition irrelevant.

We believe that Pinterest is an important part of nearly every businesses traffic strategy and we want to help you succeed.

With 4 years of experience in Pinterest marketing for business and 10 years of experience with using Pinterest as a consumer our team here at Heather Farris & Co. is ready to help you see the success you strive for.

You need a team that is highly motivated & trained in up to date Pinterest strategies.

We a team that is trained in creating images, setting up ad campaigns, designing funnels for Pinterest, and marketing your pins on the platform to your audience… no matter the niche.



Strategic traffic

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What our clients are saying

Heather is the first person I hired on for my business. I taught her how to handle my Pinterest so I would have more flexibility with my travel schedule. She took exactly what I taught her and implemented it. I was impressed with her attention to detail and ultimately her ability to take what I had been doing and grow it even further. My traffic has continued to ebb and flow just like everyone else’s but it has grown tremendously since her takeover of my account. She helps with my funnels, affiliate pins, creating images on demand and so much more. I couldn’t do it without her and she’s the only person I trust.

Monica Froese, Redefining Mom

Our company manages

  • 23 million monthly Pinterest impressions
  • 1 million monthly Pinterest sessions on site
  • 15 monthly Pinterest clients
  • Bloggers, ecommerce shops, course creators, coaches
  • Worked with over 150 Pinterest accounts

You’re a good fit for if…

  • You know Pinterest is an effective method for organic traffic but you don’t have time to implement a strategy or figure it out yourself
  • You are sick of keeping up with all the changes that Pinterest throws at you and you’d rather spend your time in other areas of your business
  • You create & publish content consistently
  • You don’t want to buy a course or train your VA to implement Pinterest for your business
  • You work well with a team
  • You understand the importance of consistency in your marketing efforts in order to see long-term growth
  • You are comfortable with a monthly investment up front knowing it will pay itself off in the long run
  • You understand Pinterest is a slow burn and may take months to see consistent results and growth

You’re NOT a good fit for if…

  • You expect to see fast growth
  • You like to micromanage your team – Pinterest is different than anything else you have ever worked on
  • You are inconsistent with your content creation – Pinterest loves fresh & new content so this is a must for a strong Pinterest strategy
  • You aren’t willing to put time into building a strong foundation for Pinterest – Whether you do this yourself or someone else does it for you it takes a minimum of 6-12 months to see the greatest impact.
  • You don’t have a marketing budget in place to allow for someone to manage your account
  • You think we’re your VA — we are a marketing company designed and built to work as your Pinterest marketing department. We are not employees or virtual assistants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get onboarded and for your team to begin management?

Great question! We use our first month to set up our systems and workflows within your Pinterest account. Here’s a breakdown of our onboarding process. 

**If you do not choose the package for us to make images then this process is slightly different in that we will work with you to create an image schedule for you to work from.**

How long do I need to commit to management services?

We require a 3 month contract in order to build a strong foundation and beyond that we run month to month. We do require 30 days notice to terminate our contract.

What can I expect as far as results?

While every account is unique with its own niche and site based trends we typically see growth after a solid 3-6 months of consistent management. We recommend all our clients focus heavily on creating fresh pins and new content on a weekly basis.

Is a website required for us to work together?

Yes, in order for us to properly manage and send targeted traffic we require you to have a website.

How do you choose what pins to schedule or create new versions of?

As part of your onboarding process we look at your analytics to determine what your site trends are and use that information to guide our promotion schedule. We follow Pinterest trends and individual website trends to allow for planning in advance. We typically start pinning trend/seasonal specific content at a minimum of 30 days in advance.

Heather is my go-to Pinterest gal, hands down. She is brimming with knowledge, expertise, and the strategy it takes to customize Pinterest to work for my business—and, literally, any business. Pinterest is a long-term play and I will reap benefits!

As a Virtual Assistant, I manage Pinterest accounts for a number of clients. Talking with Heather for a 1:1 strategy call gave me so much clarity and direction. I now have a clearer idea of how to properly manage Pinterest and Tailwind as well as a posting strategy. 

I have always known Pinterest is one of the most valuable marketing platforms for my business, but the idea of keywords, SEO, Pinterest-friendly images….it all felt overwhelming. Heather simplified the process of making beautiful, pin-worthy content