Teachers are making thousands of dollars per month selling lesson plans and templates on Teachers Pay Teachers. When Amanda came to me she was just starting her consulting business and taking her lesson plans online.

She knew she could use Pinterest to send traffic to her store she just didn’t know what to do or how to do it.

Pinterest marketing for teachers is bringing in a new source of organic and paid traffic. It’s allowing some teachers who feel called to quit their traditional jobs and work for themselves.

Today I want to detail how we have taken her content and sent traffic to her blogs as well as her TpT store directly.

In less than 3 months we took her store from making a little over $100 to over $500. This speaks volumes to a little hard work and time investment.

Pinterest marketing teachers pay teachers

About Amanda

Amanda is an art teacher selling fabulous no prep lesson plans to teachers and homeschool parents at an affordable price.

She had hundreds of lessons created when she came to me for help so basically she packages them up, puts them on TpT, makes pins and uploads all of her information to AirTable. This is where I would pull all of her pins and URLs and upload them into Tailwind.

**For Amanda’s privacy I will outline her results but leave out her website and store details of any graphs and data included.**

Problems Faced

Amanda going into this full-time knew she wouldn’t be effective with the Pinterest piece if she were left to her own devices. She could easily upload to Pinterest but didn’t understand the keywording or sending to boards strategically.

This issue didn’t come overnight. She was sharing her content on Pinterest for years, just not strategically which is what ultimately led her to my inbox.

Why She Chose Us

She knew she needed help and she needed someone to completely take her Pinterest marketing off of her hands.

We are in a private group of educators and bloggers together and she saw that someone else I worked with mentioned our services.

Hearing and seeing other teachers making money from their stores really pushed her to hire this task out so she could focus on consulting and creating more lessons to sell.


Fair warning: Results are not typical but we do work extremely hard to get results for each of our clients.

This is the fun part of every case study is seeing the results of the money and time put into building this marketing channel.

Our first goal was to get her store to making enough to pay for our services. Once we got her to that we were to continue to grow the store sales month over month.

In the month before taking over her Pinterest account she made just over $100 with her TpT store.

In this first month of setting up her Pinterest strategy, we made a little more money than the month before. This was progress but month one of takeover always takes a bit of time.

I had to completely keyword optimize her Pinterest account, add new boards and find Tailwind Tribes to join.

<insert Tailwind banner here>

To understand her content and audience I needed to spend time researching and thinking like they would think.

This led me to down a lot of paths and we honed in on lesson plans for not only teachers but for homeschoolers.

We widened her keywords after we had a base established. I like to do this with every new piece of content I publish for clients.

So in July she made just over $100. In August, she made a little more.

In September is when things got truly exciting and we could see the investment pay off.

Then in October she broke $500 for the first time which caused us both to do a happy dance.

Between sending traffic directly to her store and sending traffic to her website we were able to grow that channel.

Our next goal is to get a shop set up through WooCommerce on her site so we can get the amount of fees she pays down.

This will also give us the ability to have rich pins which help the overall strength of the pin on Pinterest.

Overall, a solid Pinterest strategy is key to growing traffic. If you’re using Pinterest and you aren’t using it strategically then we can help with that.

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