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Ditch Your 9-5 & Create a Sustainable Income on Your Terms

Thousands of others who have gone before you are creating profitable work at home careers on their own time. Imagine if that could be you.


Tell me if this sounds familiar...

  • I must work for someone in order to earn a paycheck.
  • I have to spend a ton of money to learn a new skill.
  • I need a business degree to run a business.

Here's the deal...

Hundreds of thousands 55 MILLION people were reported as freelancers in 2016. That number is growing every year.  

These people are creating an income out of the valuable skills they already possess as well as skills they are learning online.  

You don't need a college diploma to earn an income these days. With the technology advancements more and more people are working from their living rooms, favorite coffee shops or from the road. 

I ditched it all...

Hey there, I'm Heather...  

I was your typical American wife & mom. I had a mortgage, a husband, two kids, two cars and a cat.  

From the outside it looked like I had it all but on the inside I felt there was something missing.  

I had gone to a 4 year college and earned a business degree. Once I had that in hand I went straight to Indeed and started looking for work. Within 4 months I had landed a job at a bank as a manager.  

Now I thought I had it all because now we had two incomes. Wrong.  

I got fired from that job not long after getting hired. You see I allowed other people to dictate my image.  

That's when the rabbit hole of finding the perfect job started. But before I ever found the perfect job I QUIT looking and started my own freelance side gig.  

I was working a 40 hour job that I very much disliked but I was building something I loved on the side.  

I was building what you are going to learn in this course. I was building what would eventually allow my husband to separate from the military and send our family on the adventure of a lifetime. 

heather farris

You don't need to feel stuck...

If you feel like you have more to offer the world and yourself then keep reading. There is no need to limit your potential because you're unsure if you can turn the page.  

Many have gone before you and many more will come after you. The great thing is you don't need to do it alone.  

Women just like you have created an income to support their families without fancy skills or using an online network to help them find work. 

You can stay home with your kids and support your household...

Join Our Pinterest VA Academy

The Pinterest VA Academy is a program that is launching to the public later this year.  

Right now I'm looking for a handful of women who are interested in taking the skills they already have using those to build a virtual assistant business that works on their time, with their skills.  

In this day in age there is no need to commute to work in order to earn a paycheck.  

There is no need in applying for jobs only to hear crickets then get a letter in the mail saying they went with another cantidate.  

You choose who you work with and take the skills I will teach you and make money on your time!

This program will offer:

Live Support  

You will have 1:1 support with Heather for the duration of the course.

Expert Sessions  

Experts will come in to teach on various topics like legal, finance, finding clients & more.

Private Community 

You will have lifetime access to our privacy members only community.

This Program Will Teach You

  • Use Pinterest Marketing for Business
  • Automate Marketing for Clients
  • Build a Website for Your Services (I promise it's super easy!)
  • Package & Price Your Services
  • Send Pitch Letters to Clients
  • Send Contracts & Invoices
  • Land Clients 
  • Create & Optimize Your Facebook Business Page
  • Collect Testimonials from Clients & How to Use Them!
  • Market Your Services Beyond Social Media
  • Setup Systems & Workflows to Keep Your VA Business Running Smoothly
  • Manage Your Time So Your Family Doesn't Get Ignored
  • Grow Beyond Your Mindset Blocks
  • And So Much more!

By the end of this program you will have a solid knowledge of Pinterest Marketing for Businesses & how to use your new skill to make money online. Our students will have a solid foundation so they can continue to grow and build their services beyond just Pinterest if they want.  

This is your business & you have total control. We want you to take on clients and provide amazing results for them month after month. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of results can I expect?  

While we can't guarantee you will land clients we can guarantee the skills you will learn are marketable online. There are more people needing this service than there are service providers. The sky is the limit and it really just depends on how hard you are willing to work.

Where do we learn each week?  

We will be holding our course in a private members only Facebook Community. All course updates, modules and workbooks will be posted there as well as emailed to you and loaded into your course dashboard. Each week we will dive into a new module of the course where you will learn a new skill or operation to run your business. The Beta program will run for 8-10 weeks and by the end of it you should be scoring clients for your new business.

What is a VA?  

A VA is a virtual assistant. This is someone who works remotely (or virtually) usually on a contract basis. Virtual Assistants come in all shapes and sizes offering services for nearly everything you can think of.  

How do I know this is legit?  

I've been in your shoes. Once upon a time I was looking for something just like this because I was stuck in a low paying corporate job. If you want to learn more about me you can do a quick Google search or read to my clients testimonials. 

Are there really a ton of jobs out there?  

Yes, absolutely! In this course we are going to teach you how to find clients online and in person. You will be amazed at the amount of people needing help as they grow their own businesses online. 

What other kinds of trainings will this course include?  

Our main focus is to teach you Pinterest Marketing as skill but you will also learn how to use tools that are vital to your business and the businesses of your potential clients. There will also be guest experts coming in to talk about legal matters, business finances, finding clients on various platforms, mindset, goal planning and more.

How long does it take to find clients?  

Finding clients is going to be different for everyone. In the beginning, we are going to teach you how to choose a niche to focus on based on your passions. Once you have done that you will learn how to go find those clients. You could find clients quickly or you could take a while. It just depends on your individual goals. 

What if I'm a SAHM?  

Wonderful! When I started I was working a full-time job but quickly quit to be a SAHM while I built my business further. You are in the right position to do this because your kids are young and you will have a community of women behind you! 

What if this doesn't work?  

I have yet to meet someone who decided to become a VA that didn't make it work. Once you've gone through the program you will have the skills and know how to offer Pinterst as a service. Once you've learned that skill if you want to learn others we will offer experts in the group so you can learn those as well. But it is entirely up to you on whether this works or not. You don't want to sit around and wonder if it will work and not implement what you are taught. If you don't implement then you will still be wondering if you could have done it. 

Why is this a Beta Program?  

I have been teaching women how to offer services as a VA for years but I haven't done it in a formal format. I have acted as a mentor more so than a course teacher. I am launching this program to the public later in 2019 but before I do that I want to take up to 10 women through it first-hand so I can get feedback on how to make the program perfect. 

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The program starts June 17th

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