Are Pinterest Marketing Courses Worth the Money?

June 28, 2018

Are you wondering whether or not you should invest in Pinterest marketing courses? I myself have taken more Pinterest for business courses than I can count on one hand at this point.

I’ve been around the block and I’m here to settle the question you may be asking yourself right now.

Are Pinterest Marketing Courses Worth the Money?

If you’ve been around the blogging environment for any length of time you’ve seen the various options for Pinterest courses.

Being in this online business world you know the options are wide and opinions on the matter are strong.

But I have a few opinions of my own and these are of my own and no one else’s. I won’t bash any particular courses and for full disclosure, I have learned something from each one.

Every Pinterest teacher has a thought process and strategy. With that being said let’s dive in.

Outdated content 

When it comes to choosing a Pinterest course there are few that have been updated to reflect the new changes on the platform.

It seems that most of these courses that I once learned how to create a strong strategy for group boards are still pushing this theory.

While I do believe group boards can still be effective they aren’t as strong as they once were in getting in front of new audiences.

When it comes to investing in a Pinterest course I want to know that the content is up to date.

Lack of analytical training 

When it comes to succeeding on Pinterest I feel like a solid training on analytics is key. If you can’t read your numbers then how in the world do you know what you’re doing wrong… much less right?

I have found that most of the courses I have taken don’t have this part in place.

Analytics is a must. If you are going to find a Pinterest for business course then it needs to include this piece.

Learning the Basics 

I love talking about Pinterest and if you are in a place where you know nothing about the platform then maybe you need a beginner course teaching you the basics.

A lot of these Pinterest courses focus heavily on the basics.

The basics are important but if you’re investing your hard-earned money into a course then it should be more than just the basics.

Let’s talk strategy and figuring out how to do more with what you have already.

Focusing on Clicks

If there is one thing you should run for the hills on its a Pinterest course that talks about clicks instead of feeding your funnels and growing your traffic.

I could care less about clicks on the platform. My actual profile and close-ups on pins on Pinterest don’t do anything for my bottom line or yours.

When it comes to clicks unless they are straight through to my website and then clicking around on my content I don’t care about them and neither should you.

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What Should I Look For in a Pinterest for Business Course? 

There are so many things you should look for but the few that are vital are simple.

You want to learn how to read analytics, grow your email list, increase traffic to your site and properly keyword.

So where can you find all of these things?

The answer is simple and yes I am a little biased.

Pin Profit Plan is all of those things and more. I created this course because I felt what was lacking in other courses could be added.

I have helped hundreds of clients to build a presence on Pinterest but not just that I have increased their sales, email list signups and more.

My course is one that you will take and feel good about the investment that you made.

Pin Profit Plan Breakdown

When it comes to an all in one Pinterest course for organic traffic you will learn more than you could imagine with Pin Profit Plan.

You will learn how to:

  • Grow your brand on the platform
  • Keyword like a pro
  • Automate your strategy
  • Grow your sales from Pinterest
  • Read the data and make decisions
  • Grow your email list so you can grow your income
  • Create pins that your audience will click on
  • How to use Canva & not get stuck in the weeds wasting precious time
  • How to organize your content for efficient marketing

Obviously, I love this course which is why I created it. I wouldn’t have a Pinterest marketing agency without clients who have seen success with my strategies.

So are Pinterest marketing courses with it? For the most part yes, but only if they include these important elements.

If you’re in need of a little boost on your Pinterest marketing then you should look no further than Pin Profit Plan.


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