Pinterest Mistakes to Stop Doing in 2021

May 18, 2021 | Pinterest Marketing

Could you possibly be making these Pinterest mistakes? If you have been trying to grow traffic and sales through Pinterest, but you do not see any results, you have to stop making these five Pinterest mistakes. 

These Pinterest mistakes could be holding you back from succeeding and seeing the traffic and sales coming from this excellent search engine. 

Let’s break down those Pinterest mistakes you could be making and the solutions you can put into place going into 2021 to create a marketing plan for Pinterest.


Pinterest Mistakes Keeping You Stuck 


Following Arbitrary Rules From Gurus 

Many people are afraid of marketing on Pinterest because they are scared that they will break all the rules. 

I’m afraid to be the bearer of bad news but that’s one of the biggest Pinterest mistakes you’re making. 

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t repin ever? Wrong. With proper spacing and a focus on pinning to relevant boards you’re going to be fine.

Yes, it’s better to focus your efforts on fresh and new content but you’re not going to get yourself in Pinterest jail by repinning your pins to more than one board.

You are afraid that you will break something or get blocked for spam. In fact, even if you get blocked for spam, you can get unblocked as long as you didn’t commit an egregious act that is.

I know some of you will comment on this post saying I got blocked. If you are legitimate and are not breaking any rules, it’s okay. 

Stop listening to these gurus and ‘Pinterest experts’ that are operating on limited experience and data.

This is the reason I started creating content on YouTube to speak out against these people who give you false claims about viral pins and making $100,000 dollars in 30 days using Pinterest.

Wondering how you can avoid getting blocked for spam? Learn how to avoid Pinterest jail.


Not Creating a Frictionless User Experience

The second mistake you are making is that you are not creating a frictionless experience for your audience when they land on your website.

Whether you have a shop or if you’re a content creator… If you have a website and send viewers from Pinterest to your website and there isn’t a frictionless user experience there, you’re going to have leaks.

You have to remove all of the unnecessary pop ups that happen immediately when someone hits your website. You don’t need a welcome mat, pop up, and a slide down hello bar.

All of the intrusive ads on your website also need to go. I know you are trying to monetize with display ads, but you may need to reel some of those in and make the user experience on your site better.

Your website needs to be fast; it cannot be slow. 

Lastly, most people are on their mobile devices so you need to optimize your website for mobile. 

People will leave if your website is not optimized for mobile.

I had a recent experience on someone’s website on my iPhone that was really bad. I hit the blog post from Pinterest and immediately had a popup I couldn’t exit out of and was limited by display ads on reading the blog post.

What did I do? Immediately exited. This action sends signals to Pinterest & Google that your content may not be what the user wanted and could limit delivery in the future.


Not Focusing on Trends for Pinterest

You are not following Pinterest Trends. You are not creating content for Pinterest users and how they are receiving that content. 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest trends you can watch that video to get a better idea of how to use it.

Essentially, you need to plan your content 30 to 45 days and, in some cases, even up to 90 days in advance. Pinterest users are planning and looking for things early. It’s pretty similar to walking into a grocery store in October and finding thanksgiving products on the shelves already. 

People want to plan stuff for their lives, and you need to be ready by putting up content on the platform in advance. 


Not Being Consistent 

You are not consistent. You can’t just show up one month and decide you will put up pins for the next 30 days in one go. 

Consistency on Pinterest means a consistent six to 12 months. You have to be present and consistent on Pinterest for six to 12 months, even to start seeing an uptick. 

In some cases, it can take longer; in others, it can be less.


Not Reading Your Analytics

You are not reading your analytics. Part of the problem may be that you do not know what to read or where to look for it.

You can read my blog post about reading your Pinterest analytics.

To start you have to know your numbers and what’s working or not. Don’t be afraid of the data.


Not Using Keywords Properly

You are not using a strategy for keywords or images. You may not even use a strategy for scheduling. Listen… you must have a strategy in place.

I talk about the 5 pillars of a Pinterest strategy and one of those is your keyword strategy.

An excellent way to increase your Pinterest traffic is Pinterest SEO. With 90% of Pinterest users using unbranded terms on the platform, you have as much opportunity to show up as big brands.

Watch my Pinterest keyword research video on how to find keywords on the platform. Through this video, you will learn about the best practices of where to use your Pinterest keywords and more.


What To Do Instead

Now that you know what Pinterest mistakes you are making, it’s time to transition to things you need to focus on as you go into 2021. These are my five phases of a Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Here are the five things you need to focus on as you go into 2021 in terms of Pinterest marketing strategy.


Build Your Foundation with my Pinterest System

You need a foundation. In most cases, the foundation is a content hub or a Pinterest System. You also need a foundation in Pinterest.

You need a foundation for your content, so you know what you have to promote and you’re not promoting last minute. This helps you to know what to market and when so that you stay on-trend. 

You also need a foundation on Pinterest with an optimized profile. Get yourself a foundation, get your content organized.

If you need a Pinterest system, I’ve got you covered.


Do Your Pinterest Keyword Research 

The next step is a keyword strategy.

Going into another year on Pinterest being a public platform, more people are going into Pinterest using it as a marketing platform.

Although as of 2020, only 24% of the marketers worldwide are using this platform as a marketing engine. So there is plenty of space for you.


Create a System for Creating Pinterest Images

The next thing you need in your arsenal is an image strategy. You cannot simply create images because you feel like it. Stop doing that. 

If you need an image strategy, watch my video about creating Pinterest images that people actually click on. We all want to spend less time and get a high-quality product out of it. 

Work on creating an image strategy that is also fed by Pinterest Trends. If you have a cookie recipe that is good all year but it’s Christmas… make a pin about Christmas cookies.

I think you get it. 


Create a Scheduling System for Yourself

You can do this manually or use Tailwind. We use Tailwind in my agency for most of our clients. 

Get yourself a scheduling system. It is a lot less about how many pins you need to send out instead of the quality and the strategy of the pins you send out. 


Read Your Pinterest Analytics

Start reading your analytics.

Pinterest analytics can help you better understand your audience so that you can serve them better content in the long term. 

People assume that if they’re getting Pinterest traffic, they don’t need to look at their analytics. Some people look at their impressions, and that is the only thing they base their strategy on. 

You can use my Pinterest System to learn how to read your analytics. This system will make it easier to review your analytics and start using your data to guide the business decision that you need to make. 

If you don’t want to invest in that tool but still want to learn, I have plenty of content on topics like:

Don’t let your fear of data scare you away! 


We Make it Easy with our Pinterest System

Consistency is the key to success on Pinterest. It is a lot less about other stuff and a lot more about getting yourself organized and understanding what content you have and when it is popular. 

So, if you want to succeed in 2021 with Pinterest as a marketing engine for your business, I’m here to help you succeed.


Grab our Pinterest Strategy guide or jump right into our Pinterest trainings.


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