Pinterest Statistics You Should Know

November 19, 2018

Pinterest statistics show that this platform has over 400 million active users on their platform pinning millions of pins per day. If you were to ask me where I find my meal planning ideas, parenting tips or travel tips I would tell you Pinterest.

For many people, they use Pinterest to find new decor ideas, hobbies and even business tips.

Many people who start businesses overlook the potential to market their brand on Pinterest. Pinterest users are ready to dream, plan and buy.

I’m not trying to convince you of anything here… I just want to give you the cold hard data about why you should be using Pinterest for your business.

So grab your cup of fancy coffee that you figured out how to make from Pinterest and let’s dive in.

Pinterest Demographics 

Pinterest users vary in age but the majority of users are millennials.

  • 34% of pinners are 18-29 years old
  • 34% of pinners are 30-49 years old

41% of pinners are women and they are still dominating Pinterest use but men are coming around lately with nearly 55% of all new signups.

Pinterest is global with half of all signups happening outside of the United States.

Nearly 80% of users access Pinterest on their mobile device.

Pinterest Users Have Buying Power

Pinterest statistics show in a survey done that 90% of respondents used Pinterest to tell them what to buy.

The same survey noted that 41% of shoppers shopping in store used Pinterest during their trip.

In fact, the average income of the Pinterest user is $75k which gives them more buying power.

You can’t leave out the Gen Xers here either. These Pinterest users are said to have even more buying power than millennials.

Pinterest users, especially millennial Pinterest users are more likely to spend money on food, home decor and clothing.

Pinterest Users & Promoted Pins 

Pinners don’t mind seeing promoted pins, in fact, 67% of pinners have reported finding a new brand or products from pins they interacted with from business account.

1 in 2 users reported saying they made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin.

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45% of pinners spend more on gifts than non-pinners.

Pinterest Usage 

Pinners pin a lot! They pin nearly 2 million pins per day.

Over 2 billion searches take place on Pinterest each month with nearly 85% of searches happening on mobile.

The most popular category on Pinterest is arts, crafts and hobbies followed by flowers, food, drink & gifts.

Pinners use Pinterest to search and plan months in advance.

Pinterest reaches more potential travelers than travel agencies.

Businesses Using Pinterest 

Millions of business are on Pinterest totaling nearly two-thirds of all pins being from businesses.

63% of pinners find new brands and products while using Pinterest.

Pinterest users spend on average $58 per purchase than users of other platforms.

Nearly 5% of all referral traffic comes from Pinterest.

Content put on the platform last longer than content on any other platform.

Businesses see $2 in profit for every $1 spent.

So what does all of this mean for you and your Pinterest marketing strategy?

It means if you haven’t started sharing on Pinterest you should do your research. Look around the platform, search for your products and services and see what comes up.

If you aren’t sure if your audience uses Pinterest then ask them. Encourage them to follow you and repin your pins.

Pinterest users today are ready for your content, products and services. They spend more money, spend more time on the platform and plan months in advance. So if they aren’t buying now they might be buying soon and could find your pins and save them to their boards.

Pinterest statistics speak for themselves.

If you aren’t on Pinterest then let us help you! Reach out to our team right here.

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pinterest statistics you should know


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