Here are a few Pinterest accounts that I manage for you to take a peek and see the results that we’ve gotten. Keep in mind that goals will vary for each account as well as audience and niche. Each account has a custom strategy that we use based on those client needs.

Redefining Mom 

I have managed Redefining Mom’s Pinterest profile off and on since January of 2017. When I took over the first time her followers were roughly 13k with page views around 64,000. In May of 2018, she’s sitting at 18k followers and traffic around the same 64,000 page views mark. Her income has grown significantly in this timeframe as well as her email list! Monica doesn’t chase page views, it’s all about that email list and income for her (as it should be for everyone!)

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The Organized Mama

I have managed The Organized Mama’s Pinterest presence since June of 2017. When I took over her account her followers were roughly 2.5k and her page views were 6,552 page views. In May of 2018 that has grown to over 5k followers and 27,967 page views. She has also implemented actions to grow her email list on Pinterest as well and we are seeing significant growth in that department. 

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The Balanced Mamas

I am the founder of The Balanced Mamas and I have built this Pinterest profile from the ground up. I converted my original Pinterest profile from 2010 to my business account in 2016. At the time of conversion, I had roughly 200 followers. This account sends my website roughly 10,000 page views per month as of 05/31/2018. 

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