Your Pinterest Marketing Guide for 2022

Are you looking for a Pinterest marketing guide for 2021? Perhaps you’ve finally realized Pinterest strategy should be part of the way you show up online? Well I’m here to help you make the most of Pinterest in 2021.

If you want a Pinterest growth strategy that is fast strategic then you are in the right place, okay?

It’s not a secret that I live and breathe Pinterest. I often joke that when I started using Pinterest in 2010 I couldn’t cook my way out of a hamburger helper box… That’s true and I can thank Pinterest for connecting me to so many wonderful bloggers just like you and me.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around the block a few times there is something here for you.

So grab your coffee or kombucha and let’s dive right in.

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June 2021 Algorithm Updates

As of June 2021 there have been a few algorithm updates that may want to take into consideration.

Continued Focus on Fresh Pins

There is still a continued focus on creating fresh pins. Fresh Pins are new versions of older pins you are creating.

Pinterest has said they want creators to continue to produce fresh content and this is important. You may need to reduce the amount of pins in your schedule until you have the workflow in place to create more pins. I would suggest creating a workflow that will allow you to get your content really organized so you know what you have to promote. Don’t forget to share landing pages, products, affiliate links, videos and more.

Repinning isn’t necessary

Now that we are getting more word on how Pinterest wants creators to share new content they aren’t wanting us to repin much at all. If you are going to repin you should focus on spreading those pins out with a longer interval.

In fact, we aren’t repinning for clients but every 30 days.

We are seeing decreased returns on those repins and as a result it’s best to just create new content and new pins.

Idea Pins

Idea pins are an iteration of story pins which were released in late 2019 into 2020. They are pins that aren’t linkable outside of Pinterest but they are there to help you to build an audience, build your engagement and ultimately grow the downstream traffic to your site.

Creator Content Claiming Portal

Pinterest introduced a new content claiming portal where you can combat stolen content and pins. To learn more about it click here.

Creator Code

Pinterest introduced a new creator code that you can see below. Along with they they also introduced a new creator fund into beta. To read about both click here.

Follow Pinterest Best Practices

No matter how much traffic you get from Pinterest you should follow these best practices. This will keep you from getting marked as spam.

High Quality Pins 

Make sure you have a business account if you are promoting business content. This will give you the opportunity to turn on rich pins which will give you a higher quality pin. 

Claim Your Domain

Claiming your domain gives an extra layer of content to your pins and makes it easier for people to interact with your pins and profile.

Don’t forget you can claim your Etsy, Instagram & YouTube channels as well.

Pin Regularly

Make sure you are pinning regularly. Part of your strategy will be consistency and if you have an issue with consistency then I can help. 

Grab my strategy checklist so you know what to do, when to do it and why you’re doing it! 

Join Pin Profit Academy!

Create Click-worthy Visuals

Pinterest is all visual so make sure you’re creating pins that people want to interact with. When people engage with your pins through saves, clicks, likes and comments then this tells Pinterest they should show your content.

If you have issues creating beautiful pins then jump into Canva and create some pins using their templates.

Pin image sizing is now coming in at 1000×1500 according to Pinterest which is still 2:3. You can still use those other sizes that are 2:3 as well if you want to do so.

Don’t be afraid to go off brand if your current pin style just isn’t driving the clicks you’d like to see.

If you are creating images for physical goods you should consider creating your images with the Pinterest Lens in mind. Pinners can quickly snap a photo of an item and it will search Pinterest for relevant items. You item could very well come up!

Use Keywords Properly

This wouldn’t be a Pinterest marketing guide if I didn’t tell you this important PSA. Don’t stuff keywords into your descriptions! This isn’t new information but for some reason I still see new bloggers doing it.

Please stop writing your descriptions like this: 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. At volutpat diam ut venenatis. Keyword here | Keyword here | Keyword here | Keyword here | Keyword here 

Don’t do that! It’s tacky and the algorithm knows better.

Bonus Tip:

Logout of your Pinterest account then paste your URL into your browser. Make sure you remain logged out.

Click your profile and find your pins. You will find that Pinterest has assigned keywords to your pins. This is a great way to see how Pinterest is categorizing your pins and if you have your keywords right!

I would also suggest checking your related pins section under your pin once it has been on the platform for at least 24 hours. If the related pins under your pin aren’t at all the same then I would suggest tweaking your description & title to include better keywords.

Strategic Pinning

Okay I know this part could be why you’re here… but what I mean by this is pinning with seasons more or less. Pinners are planners so you will want to start pinning 30-45 days in advance of a major holiday.

If you are confused by pinning for trends then grab my trends calendar right now. You will get trends for all 12 months including ideas for content you can create! 

Pinterest Marketing Guide for 2021

Now we are going to move onto the updates and changes coming to the platform! I love updates and trying new tools. 

Being an early adopter can really pay off for you if you stick with it.

Let’s start out with the obvious…

Create Video Pins 

Video is king and that’s no exception on Pinterest. It’s everywhere on this platform now and they are really pushing video pins. If you haven’t started creating video pins then don’t fret I’ve got you covered. Learn how to create video pins effortlessly.

Video pins can come in all shapes and sizes and be extremely short or longer.

I would suggest repurposing your video content onto the platform. Don’t forget to give it a good keyworded description and title so pinners find it in search!

Create Idea Pins

Idea pins are a variation of pin that doesn’t have a link to it. Instead you have the ability to create 20 slides of images or video that will help you to build your audience and if you do it right the traffic to your other content.

Learn more about idea pins here.

Utilize New Tools 

This is part of the early adopter thing but really you’re going to want to utilize some of these new tools! 

Inside of your idea pins builder you can create idea pins that are video or image based and layer on text, tag other creators, add music and effects & more. If you are creating idea pins make sure you are looking at the mobile app as well.

Join Pin Profit Academy

I rolled out a monthly membership that is wrapped around my Pinterest course. I know Pinterest courses are everywhere.

I’ve always wondered what makes my course different than others. Well now it’s going to be vastly different than about any other Pinterest course on the market.

It’s Pinterest course + membership community on steroids.

Each month I’m going to go deeper into one specific topic with each quarter being published in advance so you know what’s coming.

Not only that but you get access to:

✨My Pinterest course
✨My Tailwind course
✨New monthly pin templates
✨Monthly office hours
✨Private community for members only
✨Access to me (helllloooo 👋)

This isn’t just for bloggers. This is going to be a place you can come even if you’re a content creator, e-commerce seller, or service provider like me. All of the Pinterest & Tailwind content is updated as of June 2021. In July 2021 we are releasing a full Canva course and in August a ClickUp course for creatives. We want to help you to be strategic about your content strategy & marketing spending less time doing the things you hate and more time on what you enjoy.

If you want to join Pin Profit Academy the doors are always open.

Add Product Pins

This may be obvious but you’d be surprised how many clients I have that sell things and don’t put them on Pinterest! Pinners are looking for your solutions and your product could be the transformation they need in their life.

Put your products on Pinterest! Even if they are as small as labels you sell for $2. 

This goes for all of you direct sales reps out there! Send pins straight to your direct sales links.

In 2020 Pinterest released the Verefied Merchant Program allowing product sellers shipping physical goods to join. To learn more about it click here.

If you are a product seller you can still have a shop tab on your account by simply connecting the shop to Pinterest. Most commonly this is done through Shopify or the WooCommerce plugins.

Start Promoting Pins

Look you have to get started promoting pins! I mean you don’t have to but you’re seriously missing the boat on sales and leads by not getting in on promoted pins.

I have been promoting pins for a couple years for myself and clients. I have always used Monica’s approach to promoted pins and if you’re in need of training in this department then you should check out her materials.

I have ran some really amazing campaigns and gained new leads for as little as .92 cents each! 

My favorite campaign was one I turned on before a vacation and ran for 6 weeks. I spent $109 on ads and made $499.99.

I was in shock when I was on the trail and kept getting notifications of people buying my product from my promoted pins!

Stay Up to Date

If you’re wondering how to stay up to date with all the changes that come down the pipe from Pinterest then I have a solution for that too.

  1. Join Pin Profit Academy. Our monthly membership helping to hold you accountable and give you the resources you need to succeed on Pinterest.
  2. Sign up for my newsletter. I always email my list about new updates but I don’t usually publish new blogs about them as soon as they happen.
  3. Join my Facebook Group. This is also a good place to ask questions and get updates.
  4. Bookmark the Pinterest Newsroom. I have this bookmarked and refer to it often. I also have their insights page bookmarked. Both are great to keep up to date.
  5. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly Pinterest marketing content.

That’s it for your Pinterest marketing guide for 2021… for now!

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