Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy is More Than Filling Your Tailwind Queue

August 9, 2018

Do you have a Pinterest marketing strategy? Have you been slapping pins in your Tailwind queue and hoping that your blog traffic, sales and email list will grow? Then nothing happens month after month of filling your queue…

Well I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but growing your online presence, email list and even sales is going to take a hell of a lot more work than just filling your Tailwind queue.

If your VA is doing this currently then tell them to stop.

You see… to succeed with a search engine like Pinterest then you need an actual Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Gasp.

But what does that entail, Heather?

Well it’s a number of things so let me guide you through what I think are the most important pieces.

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Pinterest Marketing Strategy 101 

Getting started on a platform like Pinterest which is SEO driven can feel daunting. But let me give you a little comfort in knowing it’s not as hard as it seems.

It is a lot of work though so be prepared for that.

Pinterest SEO 

When it comes to a solid strategy you need solid keywords and what better place to find those than Pinterest itself.

When you optimize traffic for Pinterest SEO you can capture organic traffic and if you do your job right on your blog then convert them to sales or email sign ups.

But you can’t just type any ole thing in your Pinterest descriptions. You actually have to put some effort into it.

You have to take your topic and put it into Pinterest search. When you do that a few things pop up that you should notice. First, Pinterest suggest keywords to finish your thought. Second, they recommend boards and pinners based on your search.

pinterest marketing strategy

In this example, I searched for how to organize and Pinterest started suggesting things for me to finish my thought.

On this particular example I wanted to show you what happens when you search for a query and don’t finish your thought.

For example, how to organize is what I inputted into Pinterest search.

This is what came up.

pinterest marketing strategy

Now if I were writing a post on how to organize my closet I would want to use that as my long-tail keyword. But I wouldn’t stop there. I would search for 1-2 more keywords where I want pin to show up and curate a description with those words.

Here is a description I would write for this:

When you are on the hunt for closet organization ideas the results can be overwhelming. Learn how to organize your closet with ease with these 5 simple tips. My DIY closet organization will take the stress off and allow you to accomplish this project with ease. Make your closet a welcoming place to visit! #bedroomcloset #closetorganization #homeorganization #closetideas

Did you see what I did there? I addressed their pain points of being overwhelmed when organizing a closet and told them how I was going to help them using terms they would be likely to search for. I also used common hashtags in this search as well in case someone searches using those instead.

The foundation of your Pinterest marketing strategy has to be Pinterest SEO. If there is nothing else you do besides this make sure it’s on your list.

This description took me 5 minutes to do the research for and write. It’s not time consuming so don’t make that an excuse.

So where do you go from here? Well I’m glad you asked.

Creating Fresh Content

Part of your Pinterest marketing strategy has to be creating new content. For all of my clients I put a content strategy in place so we know what needs created from the beginning of each month.

Pinterest wants new content so why not give it to them?

Now I can hear you groaning… I don’t have time to create a new blog post every single day much less once per week.

Okay, great. Write your 1 blog post per week and lets focus the rest of our energy on creating new pins for older content.

This can be any of the following:

  • Old posts
  • Opt-ins
  • Sales pages
  • About me page
  • Resources page
  • Product roundup pages
  • Shop
  • Guest posts
  • Videos

The list can go on but these are a few of my favorite to make new pins for. When I came home from Creators in June it was clear that Pinterest wants fresh content. Ideally that is 1 new pin per day. You don’t need to do this daily.

You can batch it and use Tailwind to upload your pins to your drafts and get it going out from there.

Just create your pin and upload it to Tailwind, add your URL and write your description then add it to your queue. Split your new pins up by sending them out starting 1 day apart. (Pin 1 goes out on August 1st, Pin 2 on August 2nd, etc.)

pinterest marketing strategy

Now that we have that cleared up let’s talk about the tippy top of this Pinterest marketing strategy cake shall we?

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Pinning Regularly 

If there is one thing Pinterest wants from you its consistency. How can they help you gain traffic, customers and subscribers if you aren’t on the platform on a regular basis?

This means pinning regularly and you don’t need to be on the platform each day to do that. You can use Tailwind to do it for you.

If I can impart a few pieces of advice here though… don’t just choose any old pins to fill your queue and don’t ignore all of your boards.

Make sure you are pinning high quality content to your boards. The SEO of the pin follows over to the boards.

So when your pin is pinned to a relevant board then someone saves that pin then they will be likely to suggest that board to the pinner.

Fun right? So make sure you are pinning high quality, relevant content to your boards so when someone clicks to your board it’s cohesive.

I like to use Tailwind to choose a few pins for the boards I’m pinning to that week and add them in bulk. Then once I have my queue filled for the week I shuffle it to make sure my pins are all spamming each board all at once.

You can use tribes, group boards or search to find relevant, high quality content for your boards.

Now there is so much more to a Pinterest marketing strategy than these 3 things but for now I think that will do.

This will be enough for you to implement and still have lots to do.


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