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Whether you are in the market for strategy that your team can implement or you want to hand it off entirely we are here for you. We offer a wide range of services that you can tailor to your current phase of business.

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Heather is my go-to Pinterest gal, hands down. She is brimming with knowledge, expertise, and the strategy it takes to customize Pinterest to work for my business—and, literally, any business. From details like knowing how to discover the right SEO for my content to properly optimizing my blog content so the pins are set up to convert, I’ve learned so much from her. Creating content takes a ton of time and effort, but knowing that Pinterest is a long-term play and will reap benefits even long after the initial pin convinces me that it is a strategy worth implementing for the growth and longevity of my business. Don’t wait to put Pinterest to work for you too.

-Lindsey Johnson

As a Virtual Assistant, I manage Pinterest accounts for a number of clients. Talking with Heather for a 1:1 strategy call gave me so much clarity and direction. I now have a clearer idea of how to properly manage Pinterest and Tailwind as well as a posting strategy. Heather was so knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions as well as show me many time-saving tips and tricks. I now feel confident that I am managing my clients accounts the right way to help them gain traffic.  

-Laura Kamark

Our Services

We offer more than what is listed here but these are our core offerings. Most all of our clients start here and work their way into other offerings. If you have a question about our services, pricing and how we work please book a call and we would be happy to chat!

Full Organic Pinterest Management

We offer full management as our core service. With this service we will optimize your Pinterest account, setup your Tailwind to our needs, request URLs we will be sharing from you and begin pinning your content to Pinterest using our strategy. There is a lot more to it than that so if you think you want Pinterest management please feel free to reach out and book a call.


We offer Pinterest ads management where we will help you optimize your website for ads, brainstorm, setup and run your campaigns. With the help of our ads managers at Pinterest we are able to get inside help that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. If you are interested in ads management please book a call.


Whether you are in need of new images each month for your blog or you just need templates created as part of your management package we will be happy to help. We are also able to create images as part of a one-time service. If you are interested in image creation please book a call.


We understand management isn’t always an option for our clients and many of them have opted for a strategy call instead. During this call we will go over your business, products, services, goals, and funnels. During the call our goal is to learn as much about your business as possible. Once we are done with our call we will put together a strategy suggestion based on your needs. We also give you access to a our video collection for strategy clients to help you implement what you have been given. The goal is for you to walk away with a plug-n-play system you can simply hand over to your VA or take yourself and implement. To setup your strategy call please choose your package here and get your call booked.

“Heather increased my opt-in rates from Pinterest by over 100% since she took over my account. I’m totally pleased!”                     

“I was blown away by the strategy Heather put together for me! I didn’t expect her to dive into Google Analytics! Wow.”      

“I have had another Pinterest manager and I was wary of hiring another but Heather’s team has knocked it out of the park!”