Should You Hire a Pinterest VA + Expectations, Pricing & More

April 13, 2021

Should you hire a Pinterest VA? I get this question often when business owners are looking to get more traffic to their websites without adding more to their workload.

Hiring a Pinterest VA can be really beneficial for your business if you’re in the right place to support that person while giving them the content they need to promote.

Know that hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant isn’t going to be just bringing someone on and they’re going to drive major traffic.

What is a Pinterest VA or a Strategist?

This entire article is going to be referring to this role as a Pinterest VA because it’s easier to understand. However, a VA and a strategist can be very different things.

A strategist is someone who develops, researches, implements and analyzes an entire strategy. A Pinterest VA can be someone who just helps to put your content on Pinterest but isn’t necessarily a strategist.

So henceforth I will refer to this role as a Pinterest VA.

What should a Pinterest VA be expected to know?

You should expect your VA to know at a bare minimum how to do keyword research on this platform.

In an ideal world they would also understand customer intent and not just how to find keywords they think should work.

They should also understand how to use Pinterest trends as well as how to optimize your content for trends.

They should know what pin designs work for your specific account and audience so they can continue to double down on that.

You should expect them to understand how to read analytics & know if what they are implementing is working in the short & long term.

Lastly, they really need to understand algorithm changes and how they impact the overall performance of your account.

What can I expect as a business owner hiring a VA?

You should understand the time investment involved in a platform like Pinterest. Since this is a search engine you will need to wait for your content to be indexed over time.

Pinterest is not an overnight or even a 2 month investment & you’ll see results.

You will also want to take a long look of how long this particular task will take you versus how much money you could be making in that timeframe.

Ask yourself this question…

Am I in a place to benefit from this service?

You will want to know what your ROI is from this platform. 

Possible ROI for your business:

  • Email list
  • Affiliate sales
  • Product sales
  • Ad revenue

You need to understand your own analytics and know when to cut the cord if it’s not working.

Lastly, you need to set your communication guidelines so you know what’s happening, why it’s happening and when your work is being done.

Communication is vital!

What can I expect to pay a Pinterest VA?

Pinterest VA’s are going to vary in price and the service that they provide as well as the quality of their services.

If you’re hiring someone to manage your blog and just keep your pins in the queue but not expecting them to actually be strategic then you can get away with paying less.

However, if you’re looking to hire a Pinterest strategist who comes up with your strategy, researches your customer journey and keywords, implements and reads the analytics… you’re going to pay more.

Over the years I have fallen in the middle of the services range. Typically you’ll find services anywhere from $400 to $1200 but this is just an estimate.

If you expect your VA to create images for your brand you will also be paying more.

It’s vital for every Pinterest marketing strategy to have consistent images.

Other Expenses

You may also need to hire a pin designer if you aren’t going to have the VA make your pins. Prices vary on this service but you should hire someone who is experienced making pins. You cannot expect a graphic designer or web designer to just understand Pinterest SEO and how pins are indexed.

You should pay for your Tailwind account which comes in around $119 per year.

You will also need a Canva subscription if you expect them to make pins on your behalf in your account. This is $12.99 per month.

What does a Pinterest virtual assistant do?

Your VA tasks will vary depending on what you can afford to pay for in your business. 

However the general task list for a VA is:

  • Keyword research
  • Writing descriptions & pin titles
  • Optimizing your profile
  • Managing your Tailwind queue
  • Uploading & optimizing new pins
  • Reporting on analytics

How do I hire a Pinterest VA?

You should put together a list of the items you want to outsource to a Pinterest VA. This is again dependent on your budget and goal for this task.

If you are wanting to hire a full-service Pinterest virtual assistant like what my agency does then you will include things like pin creation and trends watching as well as content strategy. What we do on Pinterest for you could be included in your overall content strategy.

Most of the items Pinterest VAs are specialized in this task & already have a process for you. 

However, they should not have a one-sized fits all strategy.

You will want to have your content ready for them to promote before onboarding them. This way there is no time lost when getting started. One of my biggest client frustrations is them expecting me to filter through their content on their website to find pins to make.

Don’t do this to your new assistant!

We sell a Pinterest System to help you with this process. Get setup before you hire someone. Make sure to include landing pages, affiliate links and any guest blogs or podcasts you want promoted as well.

Our system also includes a system for:

  • A system for storing & tracking your content
  • Developing an image strategy
  • Automation strategy
  • Running analytics & tracking them
  • A keyword research & tracking strategy

We also walk you through optimizing your account.

How to Find a Qualified Candidate?

I would start by asking for referrals from your business friends. Someone has likely worked with a Pinterest VA before or knows someone.

Do not go to Fiverr or Upwork for this kind of hire. You will likely be left wanting more.

Don’t post in Facebook groups unless you’re just in desperate need or want a feast and famine situation on your hands. You’ll have 30 recommendations in a few hours. Which depending on your personality could be what you want. I’m not here to judge.

You can also reach out to me if you are needing a referral or would like to consider our services. This is our entire company’s job afterall.

Other women who offer this service:

Gabby Pinkerton

Gabby says, “We specialize in helping Wedding Pros find their ideal clients on Pinterest and turn that Pinterest traffic into leads! We offer an e-course “Wedding Pros Guide to Pinterest & Blogging” as well as Done-for-you services including, Pinterest audits, Pinterest Profile Setups, Pinterest Monthly Management and Blogging Management.”

Visit Gabby online.

Cali Waege

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Chelsea Hall

Chelsea says, “I help female entrepreneurs strategically grow their email list, generate quality leads, and increase website traffic with the power of Pinterest. I offer monthly management, strategy calls, account builds, and VIP days.”

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Emilee Vales

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Jana Osofsky

Jana says, “I help online wellness and self development coaches, course creators, and service providers to leverage Pinterest marketing – to grow their audiences and get more perfect-fit clients! I offer the “Profitable Pinterest boards” intensive session, a VIP done-for-you service, and my course, “Pinterest with Purpose.”

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Rose Guthrie

Rose says, “I help B2C businesses who sell either digital or physical products and want to diversify revenue with Pinterest Ads. You need to spend at least $100 per day.”

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Interviewing Your Potential Pinterest VA

Ask them what their results have been, what industries they have worked with, how long it will take to get results. 

If they say it takes less than 6 months to get traction and start seeing results on the platform– RUN.

If they tell you impressions are what they judge the performance of an account off of… RUN.

What metrics to ask for:

  1. Clicks from Google analytics
  2. Traffic growth over a period of time (for example we track our metrics month over month so I could give you 24 months of data in some cases)
  3. Month over month growth for the accounts they manage

Not everyone will be able to answer all of these questions. Some might not track month over month growth. However, an industry standard is 2-5% growth month over month except for your off months.

Other interview questions:

What failures have you experienced & how can we avoid those with my account?

  • What is your workflow?
  • Will you manually pin or use a scheduler?
  • How often do you track analytics?
  • How often can I expect to hear from you?
  • Do you look at Pinterest trends and let me know what pins we need to create in advance?
  • How do you find the pins we need to create?
  • What is your onboarding workflow?


Here’s an example of our onboarding workflow and expectations.

Month 1 is always getting into a workflow, exchanging details, etc. Then month 2 should be in a flow. By month 3 you should start seeing an uptick in numbers even if they’re tiny.

Wrap Up

In essence, hiring a Pinterest VA is going to be different for everyone and each business. Just start with writing down your goals and expectations for this role as well as what your ROI is going to be.

Start there and make sure you are ready for hiring a role.


Should you hire a Pinterest VA? Let's talk about what it takes to hire a Pinterest VA, what you should expect from this experience & more. Hiring a virtual assistant for your business can feel overwhelming in general but this is a really great place to start if you're in a place to hire & you're needing to grow your blog traffic and sales. Learn what Pinterest virtual assistants do, what you can expect to pay and more. Hire a Pinterest VA with confidence.
Should you hire a Pinterest VA? Let's talk about what it takes to hire a Pinterest VA, what you should expect from this experience & more. Hiring a virtual assistant for your business can feel overwhelming in general but this is a really great place to start if you're in a place to hire & you're needing to grow your blog traffic and sales. Learn what Pinterest virtual assistants do, what you can expect to pay and more. Hire a Pinterest VA with confidence.


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